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10:48 am: Going to China!
Still pinching myself - going to China to attend a conference on databases. The city is Hangzhou, pretty close to Shanghai. Everybody Chinese person at work tells me it's one of the most beautiful cities in China.
The first thing that I learned (apart from stuff picked from "Firefly" :D):
龙 - dragon, дракон.

I'll try to write about it as I travel, which is Aug.30-Sept.7th.
I wanted to visit China for a long time now, it's so exciting!


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Date:August 29th, 2014 03:43 pm (UTC)
О, прекрасно! Пиши пожалуйста!
Я сейчас собираю и сравниваю личные впечатления разных моих знакомых от Китая :))
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